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             Mediation Services


             SenseCorp specialises in Family Dispute Resolution and Workplace   

             Mediation Services

· Family Dispute Resolution is offered to separating couples to assist them to amicably develop mutually negotiated parenting plans or agreements that effectively meets the needs of their child/children after separation without resorting to court.

SenseCorp works with a multidisciplinary team of Family Dispute Resolution Practitioners ranging from Lawyers, Psychologists and Social Workers to provide the best possible results using a number of recognised and evidence based approaches.  All Practitioners are Registered with the Commonwealth Attorney Generals Department and meet all current best practice standards so you can be confident in expecting the best service available.              


· Workplace Mediation to facilitate resolutions in work related conflicts.


· Parent / Adolescent Mediation to resolve conflict between parents and adolescents.


             Counselling Services


             Specialist Counsellors in Professional Psychological Therapies

· Individual, Couple and Family Counselling for those experiencing personal difficulties that prevent them from leading fulfilling lives.  All Counsellors are Degree qualified with either MAASW accredited or registered APS Psychologists.  Counsellors are all experienced with at least 10 years experience.

             Medicare Rebates Available   TAC Funded Counselling    Private Health Funded               


             Employee Assistance  Program


· Employee Assistance Program provides you with up to 6 confidential sessions with an accredited professional degree qualified counsellor to assist any employee experiencing personal difficulties in their private life that is adversely affecting their capacity to work.  This service can be provided to you fully funded by your employer as part of an overall employee support policy.

             Medicare Rebates Available





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